CMVDC in the press

Articles written BY the China Motor Vehicle Documentation Centre:

Rare & Unique Vehicles, Summer 2023, Volume 3 Number 11, page : "Cloned Mercedes cars in North Korea."(in English)

Rare & Unique Vehicles, Autumn 2022, Volume 2 Number 8, page 100: "Serve the people. Jeeps Made in China." (in English)

Rare & Unique Vehicles, Summer 2021, Volume 1 Number 3, page 98: "Coach builders in Shanghai". (in English)

Rare & Unique Vehicles, Spring 2021, Volume 1 Number 2, page 106: "The small Leap Forward. Micro and Minicars in Shanghai." (in English), April 2020 03, "North Korea Cars, The Real North Korean Car." (in English)

Autovisie, issue 25, December 6, 2018, page 38: "Komen de Chinezen nou nog eens?" (in Dutch)

China Car History, website, partner since December 2017 with regular contributions since 2017. (in English), website, Otcober 21, 2017, "The Chinese automotive industry is 109 years old." (in English)

Automotive History Review, Autumn 2012, issue number 54, page 4: Made in China, Daniel F. Myers and the Minsheng Truck (written together with Elizabeth Myers Macinata and Josephine B. Howe) (in English)

Auto, Motor und Sport (Chinese edition, Cheping), issue 2008-11 till issue 2011-2, at the last page of each issue: Chenfeng Dang'an (Dusty archives), number 1 till number 27 of the history of the Chinese automotive  industry between the two world wars (in Chinese)

Le monde automobile chinois, Livre blanc, "Preface", June 20, 2008 (in French)

Renograaf, issue 165, April 2006, page 13: "De Chinese Dauphine." (in Dutch)

Autovisie, issue 4, February 16, 2006, page 83: "Het gele gevaar?" (in Dutch)

TransMissie Nr. 24 2006, page 1, 6: "De Chinezen komen!" (in Dutch)

Citroexpert, Nr. 5/2002, page 54-59: "Peking Motor Show." (in Dutch)

Visa Versa, Nummer3, September 2001, page 20- 24: "Op zoek naar de laatste Chinese Visa." (in Dutch)

Citroexpert, Nr. 6/1999, page 54-60: "Révolutionnaire." (in Dutch)

Autovisie, issue 8, April 10 1999, page 42-47: "Stalen revolutie." (in Dutch)

Autokampioen, 1998, page 26-28: "Veertig jaar op weg naar massa-motorisering." (in Dutch)

Autokampioen, March 25, 1995, issue 6, page 28/29: "Groeistuipen". (in Dutch)

Autokampioen, 1991, page 38-40: "Slag om China in volle gang." (in Dutch)

China in Beweging (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven), March 1988: "Een miljard mensen massaal op wielen?" (in Dutch)

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Lastauto Omnibus 1981 nr. 5, page 22- 25: "Langer March." (in German)

Autovisie April 5, 1980, nr. 7, page 38-39: "Auto’s uit China." (in Dutch)

Zilverster, 8e year, nr. 5, 1977: "Pontons uit China." (in Dutch)