CMVDC Newsletter Number 122

Beijing Yinxiang Huansu S6. The Yinxiang Joint-Venture of BAIC is amazing successful. On this small show the latest S6 SUV and H6 MPV were presented.
February 2015

Dear Friends,

New in our catalogue-on-linethe models: Beijing Yinxiang Huansu H6, Beijing-Benz GLA, Brilliance V3, BYD S3, Changan-Ford Edge, Cowin CX3, Guangzhou Trumpchi GS4, Guangzhou-Toyota New Highlander, Huanghai Pickup DD1032, Jiangling Pickup JX1022/JX1034, Shanghai-GM Buick New Excelle GT, Zhengzhou-Nissan Dongfeng Fengdu X5.
Chuzhou is integrated under Kawei, we deleted Hafei (with pain in our heart after so many years..), Wanfeng and Whale (Wei'er) as they are not producing. We have moved the small electric cars (LSEV's) to the new Catalogue of the Electric Cars (see here under).

And, of course, we renewed and completed a lot of other items in our ALWAYS UP-TO-DATE GREAT CHINESE CAR CATALOGUE, for sale for 389 euro (companies) or 99 euro (private persons). We keep you informed for more than 12 YEARS, we make the only Chinese car catalogue available on the internet which is totally complete and has monthly updates.

The second catalogue is  named: CATALOGUE OF CHINESE ELECTRIC CARS. We start with the LSEV's (Low Speed Electric Vehicles, other names as in use in various countries: Neighborhood Electric Vehicles, Electric Microcars, Electric City Cars, Voiture Sans Permis Electrique, Electrische Brommobielen, E-Cars, Electric Quadricycles). The NEV's (New Electric Vehicles) will follow later. This will be the first comprehensive source of electric LSEV's made in China!! We will inform you as soon as the new catalogue is available.

Many greetings! Erik.

China Motor Vehicle Documentation Centre
Erik van Ingen Schenau