CMVDC Newsletter Number 150

Changan Raeton CC, a bit smaller than the Raeton.
June 2017

Dear Friends,  

New cars in our ON-LINE CHINESE CAR CATALOGUE the make (back again) Tianqi Meiya and the models: (Beijing-) Hyundai Reina, Changan Honor S, Changan Raeton CC, Foton View V5L and the Hanteng X7S.


In our second catalogue, the CATALOGUE OF CHINESE ELECTRIC CARS we added this month the LSEV makes: Lingdong and Linghe; the NEV makes Brilliance EV and Guojin (Sinogold), and the new LSEV models from Inmax; the new NEV models from Beijing, Chery, JAC, NEVS, Yogomo and Zhidou.

Many greetings, Erik

China Motor Vehicle Documentation Centre
Erik van Ingen Schenau