CMVDC Newsletter Number 96

Guangzhou E-jet, a beautiful concept debuted at the Guangzhou Salon 2012.
December 2012

Dear Friends,

We wish you a happy christmas and new year for the end of this month!

New in our catalogue-on-line: the manufacturer Beijing-Jinxiang (four models, a new factory in Chongqing), the manufacturer Kandi is back in the catalogue with three models;
and the models: Beijing-Hyundai Santa Fé, Brilliance-BMW 320i/328i, Chang'an Star SC6368, Chang'an-Ford New Fiesta, Chang'an Ford Kuga, FAW-Audi Q3, Guangzhou E-Jet, Hengtian Totem T3, JAC Hojoy A30, JAC Anchi 4R3 pickup, Tongjia Pickup and SUV, Yema S-MPV and F10/F12 Gaokuan.

We insert a new where-to-find register in the catalogue including all the Chinese and foreign makers.


China Motor Vehicle Documentation Centre
Erik van Ingen Schenau