Honda versus Lifan

Accusation: Honda accused Lifan of using the name Hongda on motorcycles.

Date: September 2005.
Court: Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People's Court, China.
Claim: 12,5 million yuan (US$ 1,5 million).
Judgement: The Beijing court ordered Lifan to pay 1,47 million yuan (US$ 177.607) in damages to Honda for placing the Hongda logos on its motorcyles. Lifan was ordered to stop infringing.
Outcome: Lifan lost.

Second accusation: Honda claims that Lifan's LF125T-2D scooter is too similar to a design covered by its own patents.

Date: May 2007.
Court: Shanghai No. 2 Intermediate People's Court, China. 
Claim: Honda wanted Lifan to admit the infringement, make a public apology and compensate 500.000 yuan (US$ 64.767).
Judgement: The motorcycle LF100T manufactured by Lifan closely resembled a Honda design. The court upheld Honda's claim for compensation but rejected its call for public apology. It ordered Lifan to pay 300.000 yuan (US$ 39.000) in damages.
Outcome: Lifan lost.

Date: December 2008.
Court: Shanghai No. 2 Intermediate People's Court, China.
Claim: Honda requested a court decision to order Lifan to compensate 727 million yuan of its economic losses and 113 million yuan of reasonable expenses for the case.
Judgement: Lifan shall bear the civil liability of stopping infringement and paying reasonable compensation for the loss of 612.600 yuan because the company has infringed Honda's valid patent in motorcycle manufacturing of some models.
Outcome: Lifan lost.