"Made in China, Automobiles made before World War II"


Ever heard about Chinese cars made in the 1920s and 1930s? Intensive study brings us to the coachworkers of Shanghai and the truck manufacturers of Mukden. Even Mercedes trucks were made in China. You will find them on beautiful contemporary black and white pictures in 64 pages.
Fourth edition, 2018. Latest update July 2020. 

Some of the items:

  • Shanghai Horse Bazaar & Motor Company Limited (SHB)
  • SHB-Studebaker Light Six Coupe 1925
  • Mark L. Moody, Inc.
  • Liaoning Trench Mortar Arsenal (Shenyang)
  • Technical description of the Zhongshan or Minsheng
  • Zhi Bingyuan's diesel truck
  • Shanxi Auto Repair Shop
  • Zhongguo-Benz or Zhongyuan (China Automobile Company)

Superb black and white pictures!
soft cover, spiral bound