Who we are


China Motor Vehicle Documentation Centre (CMVDC) started in 1973. First, people wondered “do they make cars in China?” Nowadays we know the People’s Republic of China is a big producer of consumer products, including cars.

A bit of History
Since 1910/20s complete bodyworks were made in China on English and American chassis, followed in the 1930s by trucks in serial production. The early 1950s saw a trial production of jeeps, station wagons and buses, from 1956 mass production of trucks started and in 1958 the first cars were made.

Information gathering
At first information depended on a few enthusiasts, but after 1978 the country opened up. With the possibility to travel freely we could visit cities and factories, speak to people and make pictures. We travelled in China for years and the automobile industry developed. In 1987 we helped importing the first Beijing Jeeps in Europe and were able to keep one: the CMVDC owned a Chinese jeep!

New times
In the 1990s, things changed. Chinese automobile industry was developing and we became more and more businesswise involved. Today people no longer wonder IF they make cars in China, but WHEN will they come here? Today Chinese auto industry is the biggest of the world and their export is growing fast.

We are proud to be part of this amazing history. Our present activities are based on long experience, our longtime contacts and our continuous visits. We know what we are talking about. We offer you services of a high and professional quality.