Mostly copyright infringes, a list of known Chinese and foreign cases.

Chery versus Mercedes-Benz.

Accusation: Mercedes uses the "EQ" name for electric vehicles, Chery is using the name "eQ" for electric vehicles in China since 2015. Mercedes entering the Chinese market with an EQ named vehicle would impact to Chery's trademark rights.
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BMW versus Deguo Baoma and versus Chuangjia

Accusation: Deguo Baoma Group, its founder mr.
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Jaguar- Land Rover against Landwind (JMC).

Accusation: Five features of the Range Rover Evoque were replicated in Jiangling's Landwind X7. Date: June 2016.
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Yema versus Ford

Accusation: Ford Automobiles (China) Co. Ltd. and its local dealer Sichuan Xianfeng (Pioneer) Automobile Co. Ltd.
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London Electric Vehicle Company versus Metrocab

Accusation: London EV Company (former London Taxi Company, owned by Geely) sued the makers of Metrocab claiming breach of trade mark, copying London Taxi's iconic design of the London Taxi.
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zhan baosheng versus tesla

Zhan Baosheng versus Tesla

Accusation: Tesla was sued for trademark infringement, in China where Mr. Zhan has registered the rights to the name Tesla in September 2006 before the carmaker entered China.
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Bricklin and Chery

Malcolm Bricklin (Visionary Vehicles) versus Dennis Gore (KCA Engineering)

Accusation: Dennis Gore, ex-Visionary Vehicles commited fraud and other offenses by using property information helping Chery to launch a joint-ven
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Qoros lost the right to name their new sedan GQ3

Audi versus Qoros

Accusation: Qoros wants to use the GQ3 name  for its new sedan, which resembles too much the Audi Q3 name.Date: January 2013.Court: Hamburg Civil Court, Germany.
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Qoros versus KIA

Accusation: KIA wants to use the Quoris name for its European version of the new K9. Date: November 2012. Court: District Court Hamburg, Germany.
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Landrover versus Geely (in fact: versus the Trademark Appeal Board)

 Accusation: Geely illegaly filed the trade mark "Land Tiger" (Luhu) in 1999 by the Chinese Bureau of Industry and Commerce when it was in use by Landrover.
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