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Made in China. Lost small cars of the 1990s.


Describes small cars made at the late 1980s-early 1990s which have disappeared after the government initiated vehicle approval at the late 1990s.

Second edition, June 2015. Latest update, July 2020.


"Made in China, Automobiles made before World War II"


Ever heard about Chinese cars made in the 1920s and 1930s? Intensive study brings us to the coachworkers of Shanghai and the truck manufacturers of Mukden. Even Mercedes trucks were made in China. You will find them on beautiful contemporary black and white pictures in 125 pages.
Fifth edition, 2018. Latest update November 2022. 

Two parts:

1. The 1920s, body work building based on imported chassis and engines. 


"SHANGHAI, saloons from the artisan era."


Describing all motorcars (production models and prototypes) made by the Shanghai Auto Works in Shanghai. 
Seventh edition: Summer 2017 Latest update: July 2020. 


"HONGQI, the history of a Chinese limousine"


Describes all motorcars (production models and prototypes) and their history made by the First Auto Works in Changchun, China.
Sixth edition, 2016.  Latest update: July 2020.


"Cars and 4 x 4s from Beijing and Tianjin"


Describing cars and 4 x 4s made by the Beijing Auto Works, the Beijing Jeep Corporation and the Tianjin Auto Works. 
Fifth edition, 2014. Latest update: July 2020. 


"Automobiles Made in North Korea"


The last black spot on the world map unveiled! Now 325 pages trucks, dumpers, buses, trolleybuses and motorcars made in the DPRK (North Korea).
Completely re-written in 2015, including all new developments.
Latest update July 2020. 

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