Links to other websites giving information about Chinese cars or China.


Since Bart loves cars and the automotive industry, and he enjoys writing and reading about cars more than anything, he decided to create as a blog for people just like him, who are also passionate about cars and the automotiv
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The Tycho's CarNewsChina.Com

English language website. Each day updated with the latest news.
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Matt Gassnier from Best Selling Cars Blog

Best Selling Cars Blog

Best Selling Cars Blog is a blog which houses car sales figures from 171 countries and territories, including China. Matt Gasnier, living in Australia, started the very successful site in 2010.
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China Car Forums

The only English language forum about Chinese cars.
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China Hong Kong Red Flag Club

Club of owners and fans of the Red Flag (Hongqi) limousines. York Wong is the inspiring president of the club.
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Koryo Tours, travels to the DPRK (North Korea)

Koryo Tours is the leading tourcompany to the DPRK, with the longest history (over 20 years) and greatest reach into the place...
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