"Automobiles Made in North Korea"


The last black spot on the world map unveiled! Now 325 pages trucks, dumpers, buses, trolleybuses and motorcars made in the DPRK (North Korea).
Completely re-written in 2015, including all new developments.
Latest update July 2020. 

= Trucks made by the Sungri General Auto Works
= Heavy dumper made by the March 30th Works
= Cross country vehicles and trucks made by the Pyongsang Auto Works
= Trucks and buses made by the Phyongun Jungsong Joint Venture Company
= Trucks made by the Hyesong Commercial Company
= Trucks made by the Kumphyong Joint Venture Company
= Trolleybuses made by the Pyongyang Trolleybus Works
= Buses made by the Chongjin Bus Works
= Cars made by the Pyonghwa Auto Works
= Pickups made by the Samhung Automobile Joint Venture Company
= Addresses and Links
= China Motor Vehicle Documentation Centre
= Acknowledgement

Over 500 black and white pictures!
soft cover, spiral bound

Some of the photos printed in this document are shown at our North Korean automobiles photo pages.