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The CMVDC Free Newsletter is a monthly email with news about the Centre and the Chinese automobile market, free available when you fill in your email address above the FREE SIGN UP button above left. Each subscriber to the "Catalogue of the present Chinese motor car production" will find each month the latest important updates (manufacturers, carmodels) in the CMVDC newsletter.

CMVDC Newsletter Number 98

Dear Friends, New in our catalogue-on-line: the models: Chery A4 and Wuling Hongguang CDV. We have inserted the PRODUCTION FIGURES for 2012 in the catalogue-on-line. Manufacturers and all the produced models! Very detailed and worthful information.
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CMVDC Newsletter Number 97

Dear Friends, HAPPY NEW YEAR! New in our catalogue-on-line: the manufacturer Kama and T-King. and the models: Fulu FLC A01, Hengtian Medium SUV, Shifeng New Minicar.
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CMVDC Newsletter Number 96

Dear Friends, We wish you a happy christmas and new year for the end of this month! New in our catalogue-on-line: the manufacturer Beijing-Jinxiang (four models, a new factory in Chongqing), the manufacturer Kandi is back in the catalogue with three models; and the models: Beijing-Hyundai Santa Fé, Brilliance-BMW 320i/328i, Chang'an Star SC6368, Chang'an-Ford New Fiesta, Chang'an Ford Kuga, FAW-Audi Q3, Guangzhou E-Jet, Hengtian Totem T3, JAC Hojoy A30, JAC Anchi 4R3 pickup, Tongjia Pickup and SUV, Yema S-MPV and F10/F12 Gaokuan.
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CMVDC Newsletter Number 95

Dear Friends, A lot of news in the catalogue-on-line, this month. And more to come at the Guangzhou Auto Show, 23 November- 2 December. New in the catalogue: the manufacturer Guangzhou-Mitsubishi; and the models: Beijing-Jinxiang BJ6400, Changan Ouliwei F101, Changan-Ford Ecosport, Chery E3 (J52), Guangzhou-Mitsubishi ASX, Haima Zhengzhou V30, JAC Joyjoy Cross, Jiangling Landwind X5 (E31), SGM Cadillac XTS, SVW Skoda Rapid, Victory S102 Pickup, Zotye EV (JNJ6290EV).
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CMVDC Newsletter Number 94

Dear friends,This is the first newsletter after we have inaugurated our new website. Ordering the catalogue, monthly reading the updated catalogue, ordering our documents, reading the bulk of free information: all is much easier now. What is new in the catalogue-on-line? Except for the technical additions, the makes Diablo Auto and Shenye.
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CMVDC Newsletter Number 93

Dear friends, New in the catalogue-on-line: the models Chang'an Star III, Dongfeng-Peugeot 3008, Dongfeng-Yueda-KIA K3, FAW-Volkswagen All New Jetta, Gonow GA6420, Shanghai-VW New Santana, Yema A-MPV, B60X and M21D.
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CMVDC Newsletter Number 92

Dear friends, New in the catalogue-on-line: the models Brilliance H220 Hatchback, Chery Karry H99 Pickup and the Shanghai-GM Buick Encore.
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WE ARE ONLINE WITH OUR NEW WEBSITE!! We are very happy to announce that you can meet our new website at the well known address The new website gives a direct access to our products. We updated the free information. With the contact form we give you the possibility to communicate directly with us.  Please let us know what you think about it. Many greetings!
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