CMVDC in the press

Articles ABOUT the China Motor Vehicle Documentation Centre:


Volkskrant, 13 mei 2011: "Spyker-Saab krijgt geen 150 miljoen van Hawtai" (in Dutch)
Automotive Now (KPMG), Ausgabe 1 Frühjahr 2011, page 12: "Zweiter Anlauf" (in German)
Volkskrant, May 5, 2011, page 23: "Hawtai niet de beste reddingsboei" (in Dutch)
Automobile Culture (Qiche Wenhua), No 19, September 2009, page 17: Yi Cheng Lao" ("Recall Mr. Cheng Zheng.") (in Chinese)'

Auto Sina Website,April 22, 2009: "Laowai qiche daren kanzhan: Jiji xiangqian de Zhongguo lingren qinpe."(in Chinese)
Volkskrant, April 21, 2009: "Chinese staat geeft schone auto's een duw." (in Dutch)
Asia Sentinel, 31 October 2008: "North Korea in the Slow Lane." (in English)
First Automobile Group Journal (Diyi Qiche Jituan Bao), 24 October 2008, page 3: "Hongqi wenhua de chuanbo shizhe." (in Chinese)
China Collections (Zhongguo Shoucan), July 2008, 50 years Hongqi cars, page 130: "Helan Laofan yu Hongqi." ("An adorer from Holland".) (in Chinese)
Le Figaro, 29 Janvier 2007: "Les voitures chinoises patinent en Europe." (in French)
Beijing Automobile News (Beijing Qiche Bao), Jan. 4, 2007: "Fan Yinggen, xuemo yu Zhongguo qiche xianglian."
(in Chinese, translated as: "Van Ingen Schenau, Chinese cars are in his blood.")
Automobile, May 2006: "La Chine débarque." (in French)
Autoplus, April 18, 2006: "Déjà un 4x4 chinois en plaques francaises."
(in French)
Automotive, Nr. 1, January 2006, page 24/25: "Tegen die energie kan niemand op."
(in Dutch)
China Expat, October 2005, Special Shanghai Formula One Auto Issue: "The History of Chinese Cars- Three Intriguing Picture Books." (in English)
Volkskrant, March 19, 2005, page 7V: "De Landwind is in aantocht." (in Dutch)
Autoknowledge, 2002, page 67: "Ai Zhongguoche de Laowaimen" (in Chinese)
Quattro Quarterly, Spring 2002, page 44- 47: "This Audi is made in China." (in English)
Visa Versa, Nummer3, September 2001, page 20- 24: "Wuling LZW 7100, de Chinese Visa." (in Dutch)
Quattroruotte, Agosto 2000, page 54/55: "Dieci Case han trovato casa." (in Italian)
Autovisie, issue 15, July 15 2000, page 10: "Alle Chinezen op LPG." (in Dutch)
Classic Car Mart, March 1997, page 56/57: "Cars of the People’s Republic of China, Part 2." (in English)
Classic Car Mart, November 1996, page 72/73: "Cars of the People’s Republic of China Part 1." (in English)
China Nu
, nr. 2, 1993, page 7-8: "Peking Eend." (in Dutch)
AT (Automobiliya Tractor) 1991 nr. 7, page 59: (titel in Russian) (In Russian)
Reiduva, 1991 Nr. 14-15: "Kinija: automobiliai ir ju perspektyva." (in Lithuanian)
AT (Automobiliya Tractor) 1991 nr 3, page 58: (title in Russian) (in Russian)
DGP, July 18, 1990: "Chinese autoindustrie rukt op." (in Dutch)
Wheels & Tracks, nr. 30, January 1990: "Readers’Forum." (in English)
Autobild Nr. 22, May 29, 1989: "Kunststoff ist geduldig." (in German)
Quattroruote, April 1989, page 237: "La Berlina Furgon." (in Italian)
Autokampioen, nr. 18, September 3, 1988: "China op weg naar 21e eeuw." (in Dutch)
SM (Svetmotora), 1988 issue 39: "Automobilovy prumysl v Cine." (in Czech)
China Information, Vol III, no. 2 (Autumn 1988): "China Advisers." (in English)
De Telegraaf, June 11, 1988: "China: Een gigantische Automarkt." (in Dutch)
Nieuwsblad Transport, May 7, 1988, page 6: "Meer wegvervoer noodzaak voor welvaart van miljard Chinezen." (in Dutch)
Autogids, nr. 16, April 21, 1988: "De grote sprong voorwaarts..." (in Dutch)
Taxi, November 19, 1987, volume 18/23: "In Wuhan you order taxis from the taxi-window." (in English)
Algemeen Dagblad, November 11, 1987, page 2: "Testritjes met de Oostenwind." (in Dutch)
Lastauto Omnibus nr. 11, November 1987: "China Infos." (in German)
Friesland Post, October 1987, page 14-16: "Erik van Ingen Schenau maakt van Chinese auto’s zijn beroep." (in Dutch)
Transmobiel, nr. 1987: "China On Wheels." (in Dutch)
Leeuwarder Courant, September 23, 1987, page 27: "Akkrum en de Chinese auto." (in Dutch)
Nieuws van de Dag/ De Telegraaf, October 2, 1987, page NA13: "China: een gigantische (auto)markt." (in Dutch)
Onze Wereld, nr. 8, August 1987, page 10-11: "Ik wil daar zijn waar groei is". (in Dutch)
VPF Magazine, July-August 1987, page 14-15: "In Wuhan bestel je taxi’s aan het loket." (in Dutch)
Volkskrant, June 13, 1987, Het Vervolg, page 9: "Elke chauffeur in China is zijn eigen monteur." (in Dutch)
AutoPanorama, nr. 26, 1987: "De Chinese Heilige Koe." (in Dutch)
Automobiel Management, May 1987, page 75-77: "Chinezen vooral geinteresseerd in kopen van Westerse know-how." (in Dutch)
Nieuwsblad van het Noorden, April 21, 1987, page 3: "Fries onderzoekt Chinese markt voor autofabrieken." (in Dutch)
Autovisie, April 11, 1987, issue 8: "Onderzoek in China." (in Dutch)
Leeuwarder Courant, April 4, 1987, Sneon en Snein page 11: "Westerse industrie kan in Akkrum terecht voor informatie over Chinese automarkt." (in Dutch)
Transporama, March 1987, issue 56: "China Motor Vehicle Documentation Centre." (in Dutch)
Friesch Dagblad, March 25, 1987, page 9: "In Zuid-China dacht men dat ik controleur van Peking was." (in Dutch)
Algemeen Dagblad, March 19, 1987: "China wil wagenpark en wegennet verbeteren." (in Dutch)
NRC, February 6, 1987, page 1: "Chinese ’plasticar’ haalde AutoRai niet." (in Dutch)
Economisch Dagblad, February 5, 1987, page 5: "Bakkenist en leraar onderzoeken automarkt Volksrepubliek China." (in Dutch)
Trouw, February 3, 1987, page 6: "Chinese automarkt lonkt." (in Dutch)
China Automotive Review, July 1, 1986: "China Motor Vehicle Documentation Centre." (in Chinese)
DJO Aarde & Kosmos, nr.5, 1985, page 358-359: "China op (nieuwe) wielen". (in Dutch)
Wheels & Tracks, nr. 3, 1983: "China Motor Vehicle Documentation Centre." (in English)
Wochenpresse, Nr. 48/30, November 1982: "Im Reich der Mitte." (in German)
China Nu, 1981 issue 3, page 12-14: "De ’Oostenwind’ en ’Sprong Voorwaarts’." (in Dutch)