BMW versus Shuanghuan and European Importers

Accusation: Shuanghuan SCEO is a blatant copy of the BMW X5.

Date: June 2008.
Court: Munich, Germany.
Judgement: The court prohibits the importer, China Automobile Deutschland GmbH, from selling the SUV in Germany and China Automobile must destroy all models it still had in its possession.
Outcome: Shuanghuan (China Automobile) lost.

Date: December 2008.
Court: Milan, Italy.
Judgement: The Shuanghuan SCEO large SUV isn't a clone of the BMW X5. BMW lost the court action in Italy against the local importer Martin Motors.
Outcome: BMW lost.

Date: May 2009.
Court: High Court, Munich, Germany.
Judgement: Second court tribunal hold the judgement of June 2008: China Automobile is obliged to pay penalty and destroy imported cars.
Outcome: Shuanghuan (China Automobile) lost.