CMVDC Newsletter Number 134

Lifan X80, no type approval yet.
February 2016

Dear Friends,

Happy Chinese New Year!

New cars in our on-line Chinese car cataloguethe models: Beijing Weiwang S50 and the Lifan X80.

We inserted all the 2015 PRODUCION STATISTICS in this catalogue: each manufacturer and each model!

In our second catalogue, the CATALOGUE OF CHINESE ELECTRIC CARS we added this month the manuafcturers Aoxin (Shandong), Baishili, Beichi, Bosscar, Chenghang, Dexing, Dima, Dyna, Fengling, Fording, Fulilai, Fuyu, Geely EV, Hairong, Hamsun, Hantang, Haori, Hexun, Hongchang (Zhucheng), Meiyang, Pengcheng, Qingqi, Yijiatong, Yinghe and the models Dongfang Ruida K5/L5, Fulu Fiesta, Fushenglong DJ4, Henghe A6 and Ruihe, Kandi K12 and K13, Lansel Yuetu and Benben, Suntae New Model and Yaxi Polo and C1.

Many greetings! Erik

China Motor Vehicle Documentation Centre
Erik van Ingen Schenau