CMVDC Newsletter Number 138

Newly assembled products at the BAIC (Beijing) Ruili Factory.
June 2016

Dear Friends,

As we promised at the start of the EV catalogue, we integrate the smaller NEV vehicles into the LSEV catalogue. NEV= (New Energy Vehicle)approved electric vehicle, minimum 100km/h, minimum 100km range, lithium batteries. LSEV = (Low Speed Electric Vehicle) lead batteries, products without any approval, low speed, low range.

New cars in our ON-LINE CHINESE CAR CATALOGUE: the manufacturer BAIC (Beijing) Ruili (brand name Doda), the models: Beijing Yinxiang Huansu S3L, (Brilliance-BMW) Zinoro 60H, Changan Ruixing S50, (Dongfeng-) Peugeot New 308 Sedan, (FAW-) Volkswagen Bora C-Trek, (Shanghai-GM) Buick New GL8, Yema T80.

In our second catalogue, the CATALOGUE OF CHINESE ELECTRIC CARS we added this month the manufacturers Aowade (Caesar), Beijing New Energy, Changan EV, Chery EV, Denza, Horwing (Huaying), JAC EV, Kawei EV and (Shanghai-GM) Sail; and the models: Dojo Linghangzhe, Durabl Xinrui FU and FV, Fulu Letu and Meike, Yogomo A280 and E331. 

Many greetings! Erik

China Motor Vehicle Documentation Centre
Erik van Ingen Schenau