CMVDC Newsletter Number 145

Beijing ELI showed this electric car at the Las Vegas CES 2017.
January 2017

Dear Friends,



Since we started the electric car catalogue in 2015, the catalogue has grown and grown.
We now have 622 pages, 332 makes, 1186 models. We include all the Chinese ‘Tesla-like’ super models, the standard electric cars like Denza, Geely EV or Lifan EV, and we try to include all the LSEV (in different countries: Neighbourhood Electric Vehicles, Electric Micro Cars, Electric City Cars, Voitures Sans Permis Electriques, Electrische Brommobielen, E-Cars, Electric Quadricycles etc.). LSEV means Low Speed Electric Vehicle, this is an electrically driven-only four wheel vehicle with doors, with of course a low maximum speed, mostly 40-60 km/h.
We are the only ones who are busy cataloging the electric car market in China. That makes our catalogue unique in the world.

New cars in our ON-LINE CHINESE CAR CATALOGUE the models: Changan Ruixing Q50, Changan CS55, Guangzhou Auto EnSpirit, JAC Refine M6


In our second catalogue, the CATALOGUE OF CHINESE ELECTRIC CARS we added this month the makes: Bombardini, Eli, Kaiyun, Litong, Luyan, Mi'er, Sandi, Yatai . We added new models from the next makes: Durabl (1x), Dushi (1x), Fulu (1x), JAC EV (1x), Lingshi (2x), Qilu (4x).

Many greetings, Erik

China Motor Vehicle Documentation Centre
Erik van Ingen Schenau