CMVDC Newsletter Number 148

Lichi S350 at the Jinan March EV Show (the 11th China (Shandong) International Energy Conservation and New Energy Automobile Exhibition).
April 2017

Dear Friends,  

The Shanghai Show is this month, of course we will cover all the new models which are at the show, in our next Newsletter.

New cars in our ON-LINE CHINESE CAR CATALOGUE the models: Guangzhou Trumpchi GS3, Jiangling New Yuhu, Jiangling Landwind X2, (SVW) Skoda Octavia (4th gen.).


In our second catalogue, the CATALOGUE OF CHINESE ELECTRIC CARS we added this month the makes: Dongfeng NEV, Hongri (Binzhou), Hongyuan, Jinri Yangguang and Zhengdao (Hybrid Kinetic), and the new models from Boloda, Dilong, Dongfeng SKIO, Dongfeng Weisiman, Fulaiwo, Fulu, Hantang, Jujie, Lansel, Lichi, Lifan, Luxing, Senyuan, Xin'ai and Zhongtong.

Many greetings, Erik

China Motor Vehicle Documentation Centre
Erik van Ingen Schenau