CMVDC Newsletter Number 175

Denza Concept X, new blood for this BYD-Daimler venture.
June 2019

Dear Friends,  

New in our ON-LINE CHINESE CAR CATALOGUE describing the Chinese cars with combustion engines (ICE); new is the make Juntian and are the models: (Brilliance-) BMW X2, Changan Oshan Cos 3, (Changan-) Mazda 3 4th gen., Dongnan (Soueast) DX5, FAW Bestune T33, Huanghai N7, (Shanghai-GM Wuling-) Baojun CN220C, Wey VV7GT.  

Note that we continuously update the existing items. It is impossible to inform you about all these minor updates! 

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In our second catalogue, the CATALOGUE OF CHINESE ELECTRIC CARS we added the NEV manufacturer Tesla China. The make Guangtong, now named Yinlong, is back. We added the new NEV models from Denza and Leap Motor.  

I am sorry to tell you that Leo and I won't participate  in the Yangze Delta Classic Rally. We offered four different cars, but they couldn't please the organisation. I must add that the organisation emphasized that we personally are very welcome in the rally.

 Greetings! Erik

China Motor Vehicle Documentation Centre
Erik van Ingen Schenau