The history of an American who made a truck for China. He designed the MINSHENG #75 truck, organised the factory in Shenyang. In 1931, just before mass production, the Japanese invaded Manchuria (Dongbei) and bombed the factory.

This article has been published in the Automotive History Review No. 54 of the Autumn 2012 edited by the Society of Automotive Historians. It is written by Mr. Myers daughter Elizabeth Macinata and his grand-daughter Josephine Howe, using all his letters he has written in the years 1929-1943, together with Erik van Ingen Schenau from the China Motor Vehicle Documentation Centre.

The article is followed by a translation in Chinese, organised by Mr. Michael Abboud of Shenyang with his students, reviewed and corrected by Mr. Felix Bai. 
The nice drawing of the truck, shown here aside, is made as part of a series to reconstruct the truck by Mr. B. Chang.