Jaguar- Land Rover against Landwind (JMC).

Accusation: Five features of the Range Rover Evoque were replicated in Jiangling's Landwind X7.

Date: June 2016.

Court: Beijing Chaoyang District Court.

Judgement: (March 2019) Sales, manufacturing and marketing of the Landwind X7 must stop immediately. JMC has to pay a compensation (not disclosed) to Jaguar Land Rover (Tatra).

Outcome: Landwind (JMC) lost.

(In April 2016 the patent for the Evoque was declared invalid by the Chinese intellectual property regulator at request of Jiangling Motors, the car was unveiled before the patent was filed in China in November 2011. In May 2016 the X7's patent was annulled at Jaguar Land Rover's request, because the design was too related to the Evoque's design.)

Note that in April 2015, mr. Speth of Jaguar Land Rover declared that: "There are no laws, there's nothing to protect us, so we have to take it as it is".