Crash tests
All Chinese cars tested outside China according the rules of the EuroNCAP. The main difference between the EuroNCAP and the Chinese NCAP was the speed of the front collision: 64 km/h in stead of 56 km/h. Since September 2012 the Chinese NCAP tests the front speed collision with 64 km/h. We include the latest C-NCAP results.

Denza C-NCAP crash test 50 km/h side-impact

Denza QCJ7007

April 2014 FIVE STARS
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Haima M3 C-NCAP crash test 100% 50km/h

Haima M3 Elite & Ultimate

March 2014/ April 2014, Elite FOUR STARS, Ultimate FIVE STARS
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JAC Refine S5 C-NCAP crash test 40% 64km/h

JAC Refine S5

January 2014 FIVE STARS
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Guangzhou Trumpchi GA3 C-NCAP crash test 40% 64km/h

Guangzhou Trumpchi GA3

December 2013 FIVE STARS
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FAW Besturn X80 C-NCAP crash test side impact

FAW Besturn X80

November 2013 FIVE STARS
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Landwind X5 C-NCAP crash test 40% 64km/h

Landwind X5

November 2013 FOUR STARS
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Chery Arrizo 7 IHHS crash test 25% 64 km/h

Chery Arrizo 7

October 2013 IHHS 25% 64 km/h "3x GOOD, 4x ACCEPTABEL"
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Changan CS35 C-NCAP crash test 100% 50km/h

Changan CS35

September 2013 FOUR STARS
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Qoros 3 Euro-NCAP

Qoros 3

September 2013 FIVE STARS.
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Dongnan V5 C-NCAP crash test 40% 64km/h

Dongnan V5

August 2013 FOUR STARS
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