Qoros lost the right to name their new sedan GQ3

Audi versus Qoros

Accusation: Qoros wants to use the GQ3 name  for its new sedan, which resembles too much the Audi Q3 name.
Date: January 2013.
Court: Hamburg Civil Court, Germany.
Outcome: Audi won a temporary court injunction to prevent Chinese automaker Qoros from using the letter "Q" as as part of the name of a new sedan planned for Europe and China.

Date: February 2013.
Court: Geneva Court, Switzerland.
Claim: Audi claimed the new cars'name violates its right to use the letter Q on their vehicles.
Judgement: The court rejected the temporary injunction requested by Audi. Qoros is allowed to use the letter Q in their model names. Audi had to pay 15.000 Swiss Francs to Qoros.
Outcome: Audi lost.