CMVDC Newsletter Number 130

The Shanghai SH760 which Leo Seewald and Erik van Ingen Schenau will drive in the Classic Cars Challenge China 2015 from Beijing to Shanghai.
October 2015

Dear Friends,

New cars in our catalogue-on-linethe manufacturers Changwei (Thunder Power), JAC Pickup and Youxia. You can find the Borgward (Baowo) BX7 under Foton.

Our second catalogue is  named: CATALOGUE OF CHINESE ELECTRIC CARS. This month we added the makes Boloda, Deak, Dongfeng Electric, Jiangling EV, Pusima, Yaolon, Zhongtu, Zhongxin (former Wanwei), Zotye EV and the models Byvin M7, Kaimali A3, Haoyu EB30, Henrey Shenmi R3 and H1, Lichi Furui, Longrui Leke, Rainchst Leijun V8, T-King Oubao and Zhidou D2. We continue our search! 

Completely rewritten is the history document "Automobiles in North Korea". Now for sale!!

Erik van Ingen Schenau will participate in the 4C Rally (Classic Cars Challenge China Rally), together with Leo Seewald from Taiwan, driving Leo's Shanghai SH760 (1969). This will be from 7-19 October. We will keep you informed!

Many greetings! Erik

China Motor Vehicle Documentation Centre
Erik van Ingen Schenau